SMS Text Message User Guide

This service is available to Home Branch users with a mobile device.

From browser version of Home Branch

  1. Log in to the browser version of Home Branch from any device
  2. Click on User Icon in upper right-hand hand corner
  3. Select Settings
  4. Click on SMS Text Message Settings and follow the instructions to enroll

From Home Branch Mobile app

  1. Log in to Home Branch Mobile app from you mobile device
  2. Select Other Services from the menu in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Select My Profile
  4. Click on SMS Text Messaging and follow the instructions to enroll

To enroll, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions and enter your mobile number. You will receive two text messages with special verification codes specific to your device. You will need to use your verification code from each text message to complete the enrollment process and set up this service.

Text Commands

41411 – SMS Text Message short code number

TFCU B – View Balances

TFCU H – View History (five most recent transactions for ALL accounts)

TFCU H S0001 – View History for a specific account, with “S0001” being your specific account ID

TFCU XFER S0001 S0004 75.00 – Transfer funds from one account to another, with “S0001” being the transferring account, “S0004” being the account that you are transferring to and “$75.00” being the amount you are transferring.

HELP – View a list of SMS commands.

TFCU QUIT – Deactivate your mobile device so you can no longer access Home Branch Mobile (although you will still be enrolled in the Internet Browser version).

Note: Commands are not case sensitive. For example, you can use “TFCU B” or “tfcu b” to view balances.