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The events of recent weeks have reminded us that injustice in America still exists. Bad behavior, discrimination, and racism have no place in today’s world. Yet, we still see story after story of these very behaviors that remind us that we, as a country and people, still have a very long way to go.

The leadership of TFCU: the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Committee, and Management, want to let you know that we find these injustices against one another heartbreaking. As a business, we exist to serve and help all members, no matter who they are or the color of their skin.

How can you trust that TFCU lives our values regarding Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion? One only needs to look throughout the credit union at our staff to answer that question. Amongst our nearly 800 employees you will see numbers of individuals representing many races, colors, creeds, life styles, genders and beliefs.

Our Mission Statement simply states that “Tinker Federal Credit Union Exists to Help Our Members Achieve Their Goals and Realize Their Dreams”. Our charter provides us a Field of Membership that is based on groups of Occupations and Associations. Our largest source of new members comes from families of satisfied members. They become eligible for membership along with any new member.

We opened in March 1946 on Tinker Field, and have since spread throughout the state of Oklahoma. We now have members living in places around the world. Our products and services are designed to be used by our members, in-person and electronically. We really try to make our services convenient to all of our members wherever they live.

From the very beginning, we have been committed to serve those in need. We now have over 400,000 member owners. We have members from all life stages and generations, races, creeds, and most report that they are very happy and satisfied with their affiliation with TFCU. Many have been members for decades.

The key to our success is that we offer our services to anyone who needs them. We are a Low Income Designated Credit Union by our regulators, the National Credit Union Administration. This means that we are recognized for our service to everyone, regardless of their financial status, rich or poor.

Our history has been to bring our services to areas other financial institutions avoid. We do this because, we respect our members, our employees, and our communities – each has its own unique perspective, idea, and goal. TFCU believes that our common humanity is greater than our differences – and that listening and true discourse can make our diversity one of our greatest strengths.

Sheila Jones, Board Chair

Michael Kloiber, President/CEO