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What are peer-to-peer payment services?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment services are money transfer apps that allow users to send money to friends or family from their mobile devices through a linked bank account or card. These (P2P) payment services, like Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, Cash App and...

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Fraud Prevention

TFCU has partnered with our card processors, TransFund/ELAN for debit cards and PSCU (Payment Systems for Credit Unions) for credit cards, to provide Fraud Prevention Services. This is an after-hours fraud protection service that monitors fraud on your MoneyPlus™ VISA®...

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Smart money moves to make in January

For most people, January is considered a clean-slate month. It’s a fresh start, a new tax year and 12 months to work toward your financial goals. Here are a few tips to get you started. Audit recurring charges A great way to...

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Protect yourself from text scams

Please do not respond to any suspicious text messages regarding your TFCU MoneyPlus™ VISA® check card or credit cards. Currently, TFCU does not send text messages regarding your cards. How the scam works: You receive a text message from a number...

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