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What is Buck the Norm?

Buck the Norm is about you and your money. Whether you’re getting ready to leave the nest, slogging your way through college or working your way up the ladder counting down the days until your next paycheck, this page is for you. Because what you don’t know about money can make life a lot harder than it needs to be. And there’s no reason for that.

Call it life hacks. Call it financial empowerment. Call it whatever you want, as long as you call it Buck the Norm. Get it here. Then share it with your friends, because there’s enough to go around.

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Quick Tips for Your Money

twenty four hour clockOooh, Shiny!

Limit impulsive spending by making yourself wait 24 hours before you buy something that grabs your eye. How much do you really need it?

Sack Lunch color iconBrown Baggage.

Packing a lunch is way cheaper than eating out every day. Turning your $10 lunches into $4 lunches can save you $1,500 dollars a year!

Wallet iconTreat Yo’ Self Right.

A “treat yo’ self” attitude can be a one-way ticket into debt. Do it smarter by giving yourself small treats for reaching savings goals and stash your cash the rest of the time.

Watch and Learn

Barely scraping by? Spending everything you have and more?

Up to your eyeballs in debt? Eating leftover ramen noodles because you can’t afford anything else? Feeling overwhelmed by life, money and all the unexpected stuff that comes up along the way? Well, there’s a better option, and it’s Tinker Federal Credit Union.

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